Woodward County Jail

Woodward County Jail

Special Visitations

Special Visitation

Special visitation will be considered for visitors traveling a long distance as prescribed in the Oklahoma Jail Standards. For the purposes of this policy, a long distance is 300 miles.

Special visitation will not include a longer duration - but only different date or time with an approved request to staff from the Sheriff or designee - stating the special date and time.

The special visitation portion of this policy does not override any other portion of this policy, to include the rule of only one visit per week per inmate.

Religious & Rehabilitation Visitation
Religious and rehabilitation visits will be conducted outside the pod area through the door. All persons entering the facility are subject to search. If a search is not granted, the individual will be asked to leave the facility and the visit will be canceled.


  • No materials will be given to the offenders unless authorized without first being searched by the jail staff.
  • No materials containing staples or paper clips will be given to the offenders.
  • If at any time a visitor violates the rules in this policy, they will be asked to leave the facility.
  • Only the Sheriff or designee will have the authority to allow the visitor back into the facility.
  • Hardback books are not authorized.