Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Director's Office/Woodward County Emergency Operations Center

The Woodward County Office of Emergency Management was established in order to minimize the effects of natural and technological hazards and disasters, as well as any form of attack that may be directed toward the county and its citizens. Woodward County OEM performs this mission by creating, implementing, and exercising preparedness plans, and assisting with the coordination of training and mitigation activities in order to respond to and recover from disasters affecting the county. This agency also coordinates response and recovery operations and is responsible for warning and alerting procedures for hazards, as well as coordination of storm spotter activities. Woodward County OEM also directs and operates a NASAR Tech II Certified, Mounted and Ground, Search and Rescue team.

The Director serves as the Floodplain Administrator for the unincorporated county. Anyone who plans to perform work in the floodplain areas of the county, such as building construction, excavating, mining, grading, drilling, or storage of equipment and supplies for those operations, must have a permit approved by the Floodplain Board of Woodward County. Maps of the floodplain areas, Woodward County Floodplain Regulations, and additional information may be obtained by contacting this office.