Woodward County Jail

Woodward County Jail

Cilia Sessoms
Cilia Sessoms
Cilia Sessoms

Phone: 580-256-3264, ext. 2

Allowed Inmate Property
Inmates are not allowed many items of property. Read the list of allowed items.

Commissary Policy
The Commissary allows inmates to purchase items, read more about the guidelines for the commissary.

Dress Code
The Jail has specific requirements for what is deemed appropriate for visitors to wear for visitation. Read the guidelines.

Inmate Mail
Inmate mail is received and delivered Monday through Friday except holidays. View the address and other helpful details.

Telephone Services
Phones are provided in inmate housing units if housekeeping standards are met. Learn more about receiving calls from inmates.

Visitation Policy
View the visitation policy and guidelines for the Woodward County jail.

  • Special Visitations
    Special visitation will be considered for visitors traveling a long distance as prescribed in the Oklahoma Jail Standards.
  • Visitors Removed from Approved Visitation
    If you have had a visitor removed from an inmate's approved list, there are ways to get them approved again. Learn more.