Woodward County Jail

Woodward County Jail

Commissary Policy

The jail commissary is managed and operated by Woodward County Jail personnel.

Money on a person at the time of arrest is used to open a commissary account in their name. A family member or friend may deposit the money in the account in the form of a money order or cashier’s check only. No cash, personal checks or traveler’s checks will be accepted.

A full name is required at the time of deposit. Money is only accepted during business hours 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Families may deposit money on an inmate’s commissary account by visiting the Tiger Commissary website and selecting the web deposit link.

Money in an account will only be refunded in the form of a check to an inmate at the time of their release or transfer. Vouchers will only be issued to the inmate being released under their name. No person other than the inmate will be allowed to pick up the voucher if not received on the day of release.

Inmates are limited to a maximum of forty ($40) dollars at one commissary purchase period.

Transfers of money on an inmate’s account to another inmate are not allowed. Inmates may not request vouchers to be written to anyone other than themselves at the time of release or to the commissary fund for purchase of calling cards. Vouchers will not be written to the court clerk or any other agency. Inmates will have to pay their fines and costs by some other means.